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12 channel audio mixer sound board with bluetooth


12 channel audio mixer sound board with bluetooth

Product No.:CT-120S


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This unit compares to Behringer 6 channel mixer. It's form factor is a little bit bigger than the Behringer is, but the added space between controls is welcomed.

This unit ticks all of the boxes (and a few more) for a compact pro-sumer mixer. The unit would find itself at home with small bands for practice, or even gigging out. For the wedding reception crowd, you have a full Bluetooth capable input that comes with USB power to keep your MP3 player charged and running all night. It does have controls on the mixer to start, stop and advance your MP3 player, but that is mostly worthless since you have your MP3 player right there to be plugged in, so selecting songs and the like is best suited to your actual device.
The documentation is pretty sparse, but I am of the belief that most in the market for such a mixer already know how to use a mixer of this type. The Bluetooth and effects options are not very well covered in the manual, but with very little experimentation, these can be implemented with very little hassle. This has both balanced XLR and TRS (mic and line level) inputs/outputs present on the board. Connectivity is very robust as far as configuring the board to fit your specific needs at the time you are deploying it. As an old band member, this board exceeds what we used to have connected to our practice PA and has tape outputs to record everything.

Connectivity is king on this mixer, it really is very universal and I had no issues setting it up as for the most part I could configure it a number of different ways to taylor to the job at hand.

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